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Sales Proposal Dashboard

Get incredible insights & know it all about your proposals, clients, process, team & pipeline

Proposal are better than 'leads'

Track Sales Proposal to Grow


Well it is a fact! The question is, how you can convert it.


Fresh Proposals gives you the real & complete picture of how your proposals are performing. You can track performance of your proposals like never before and better than anyone else. Clearly know what is working and what is not, who is doing well, on-track and who needs help.


Take your business growth to the next level using deep sales proposal insights, advanced KPIs and convert more clients. 

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Track your REAL proposal Performance so that you can sElL better

Beat your own best performance. When you compete with yourself, you become Unstoppable

Proposals Dashboard - Track Multiple Proposal KPIs

Actionable insights is what you need

Get Holistic, Realistic Picture of Sales Proposals

Fresh Proposals gives you a complete picture of how your proposals are doing in terms of high level count, conversion, client-engagement, content engagement, team performance.

  • Overall Sales Proposal Performance
  • Client-Engagement Performance
  • Proposal Content Performance
  • Proposal Team Performance

You can see data points presented as trends about

  • Proposal conversion trend (month on month)
  • Won proposal value trend (month on month)
  • Visit duration trend for won proposals (month on month)

These numbers and charts give you actionable insights e.g. specific team member is lagging behind others, you can check the viewing rate, conversion rate and assist him.

Track Essential Sales Proposal KPIs

Get The Basics Right


Start with the basics. You will be able to track essential performance parameters for your sales proposals like how many proposals should be sent, what should be the conversion rate.

  • Number of Live Proposals (number of deals in pipeline)
  • Value of Live Proposals (deals worth $ in pipeline)
  • Proposal Conversion Rate (winning percentage)
  • Proposals Sent vs Won per Month (month on month trend)


Proposals Dashboard - Tracking Performance with Essential KPIs
Proposals Dashboard - Proposal Efficiency Metrics

Go Beyond Basic Proposal KPIs

Uncover Proposal Efficiency Metrics

Essential sales proposal KPIs are important but most businesses are unable to identify or understand what happens during the process of creating-sending & winning proposals.

Fresh Proposals gives you advanced KPIs to track critical aspects like the level of engagement/interaction prospects/ clients have with your sales documents. 


  • Sales proposal funnel
  • Proposal cycle length
  • Sales proposal velocity
  • Popular sections content with exit rates
  • Popular days, time of viewing proposal

Know current+ past for better future

Accurately evaluate performance: improve proposal process for a predictable growth

What gets measured, gets improved.

In order to do better, you need to know what is going well and what is not. Fresh Proposals gives you multiple tracking parameters to know where your team members, proposal content, client interaction and conversion rate stand. You can identify, correct those gaps and see improved rates, conversion, interactions. Some of the aspects you can track

  • Team performance
  • Avg time spent on popular section
  • Exit rates for popular section and many more

Team Performance - Proposals Dashboard - Fresh Proposals
Proposals Dashboard - Real Data Charts

make it REAL

Make Decision based on Real-time Data & not at Random

What gets measured, gets done

Once you start tracking and evaluating proposal performance, you can easily understand the trend, compare current proposal engagement numbers with your average and decide your strategy/ approach to convert the client. 

  • Conversion duration for all vs won proposals
  • Avg viewing duration for all vs vs won proposals
  • # of Client visits for all vs visits for won proposals
  • Popular days of week and dates of month
  • Returning prospects/clients

Advanced Sales Proposal Dashboard

Transform from Mediocre to Outstanding

Gone are the days of growing your business with sheer luck. Not everyone gets lucky, not you. To make your own  luck to grow business , we have to transform our sales process that is data driven and action based. You can tap right opportunity to convert clients only if you know when to act and how to act. 

Use deep insights to transform your sales proposal process and set it into a predictable growth trajectory


Proposal Dashboards Overview

How It Works


Start creating and sending proposals using Fresh Proposals


Start tracking proposal performance parameters


Use actionable insights to improve proposal process, engagements

Win more

Keep monitoring KPIs & improve proposals based on more data 

Set yourself apart, top notch and close more deals

Modernize your remote sales proposals toolkit with Fresh Proposals. Create impressive proposals, present your best offers, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce errors & close deals faster with Fresh Proposals solutions for remote sales.

Take charge, get ready for a winning spree

Go for the Business plan to use advanced proposal dashboard
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