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Use Precise Intelligence to Close More Deals

We have been there and got frustrated 🙁 After emailing proposal PDF to prospects, we struggled to know simple thing like ‘whether prospect has checked our proposal or not’. It is frustrating to say the least; lack of insights prevents you from acting/responding fast and ultimately you may lose the business.

Fresh Proposal is made for smart, savvy sales pro & marketers like you, to get actionable proposal insights. Grab it & achieve the results you want.

Proposal Interactions

Get precise intel about how prospects interact with your proposals. Once prospect opens your proposal, know detailed insights in terms of how many times s/he has viewed proposal, which all pages viewed, how long, etc.

Proposals Software Features - Advance Analytics

Advance Analytics

A dedicated page for proposal analytics and in-depth data. You can also check how much time has passed since prospect has last-viewed your proposal. You can take most suitable and pro-active action based on this information.

Proposals Software Features - Proposal Dashboard

Proposal Dashboard

View and track your sales performance in terms of number of proposals sent, accepted, revenue as per accepted proposal, category-wise performance in a given year and important proposal activities in the dashboard.

Fresh Proposal Software Features - Email Alert Notification

Email Alerts Notification

With email alerts/notification, you will never miss the action. Receive emails whenever prospects open your proposals and accepts it. Smart sales managers are prudent to act on such notification

Track All Proposals

Get a holistic view to all sales proposals managed by your company. Know which category has how many proposals in Draft, Sent / Waiting for approval or approved proposals. What is the value of proposals in each category, each state

Set and Track Goals

Set a revenue target for your company for a given year. You can track performance of your sales team against the revenue target set. Easy to read dashboard will compare your revenue goals vs actual proposal revenue


Create Beautiful Proposals – Quick and Easy

No one should receive ugly looking proposals. Certainly not your prospects. No more struggling with MS Word document and designers requests.

Fresh Proposals gives you the powerful editor and easy to use controls. Choose one of our stunning pre-built proposal templates, customize it to your preference, and start converting your prospect with style.

Proposals Software : Editor Features - Customizable Template

100% Customizable Templates

First impression counts. Create beautiful, engaging proposals from pre-made designed templates. You can completely tweak these templates, 100% customizable. Create your own templates, knowing what worked really well.

Fresh Proposals Software : Editor Features - Drag drop blocks

Drag-N-Drop Blocks

Use from various drag-drop blocks such as textbox, images, rectangles, signatures, videos, fees table, content table, etc. You can position those as you would like.

Content Library, Reusable Sections

Want to use existing section from other template or proposal? No problem. Simply save it to content library and use it in desired proposal or template. Saves a lot of time. You can also keep updating the proposal and revert to saved copy in the content library if something goes wrong.

Fresh Proposals Software : Editor Features - Textbox


The most used block/ component in any proposal. You can drag-drop textbox to proposal editor/canvas. Resize it and enter your text, format it using text-tool bar above. Turn your text into Heading1, Heading2 or body or quote and format it further. Change background color, transparency, border of your textbox.

Proposals Software : Editor Features - Shapes


Add rectangle, square, circle, line to present information better. Beautify and design proposals by changing size, color, transparency, border and other elements of the shape.

Fresh Proposals Software : Editor Features - Images


One image = thousands of words. So true. Give your proposal a elegant & branded touch by adding images which go very well with the proposal being sent to your prospect.

Fresh Proposals Software : Editor Features - Pricing Fee Table

Pricing/ Fees Table

Provide interaction quotation to your prospects using pricing table. Add fees item, add discount, taxes to the table, add recurring.

Business Proposal Software Feature - Online Signature

Online Signature

Be that progressive vendor. Use online signature, provide seamless digital experience to your prospects and save everyone from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning and sending physical copies of your proposals.

Business Proposal Software : Editor Feature - Video


Show your best work to your prospects through videos. Old ways of sending proposal such as Word or PDFs file did not allow you to include videos. New age proposals must include videos, Fresh Proposals makes it easier for you..

Business Proposal Software: Editor Feature - Placeholder Variables

Placeholder Variables

Never ever let wrong customer info go to your prospect. Avoid typo mistakes that Find-Replace-All can’t update. Use Placeholder variables and make it error-free.

Fresh Proposals Software Editor Features - Sections List

Sections Lists

Organise sections in your proposals. You can reuse existing content from section library, re-order its sequence in your proposal


Make Clients Feel That They Are In Control of Quotation

No more playing with calculator, exporting to PDF every time when you send updated quotation. Use Fresh Proposals to send interactive quotation that prospective client can update by himself.

Add fixed as well as recurring fees to your quote, make items optional or editable for your clients. Fresh Proposals automatically calculates tax, discount and total amount for you.

Proposal Software - Interactive Quote, Pricing
Business Proposals Quotation - Fees Table - Add Items

Fee Rows

It is easy to add items to your quotation. Add fee rows to your pricing table at a click of button. You can delete row, move it up or down in the list..

Proposals Software Feature - Fees Table - Recurring Fees

Recurring Fees

Not every quote has fixed fees item. Many times you need to include retainer or recurring fees. You can add Hourly, Monthly, Yearly fees to your proposal.

Proposals Software Features - Pricing Table - Discounts

Discounts, Taxes

No more holding calculator or opening MS Excel to calculate of discounts or taxes. Simply add name, type and % of your discount, taxes, Fresh Proposals does the rest for you.

Proposals Software Features - Pricing Table - Optional Fee

Optional Fees

Sometimes you want to offer/up-sell value-added services which are optional for your prospect/client. Fresh Proposals lets you mark fees item as optional for client. Client can view such fee items as optional and it can be checked/unchecked.

Proposals Software Features - Fees Table - Change Quantity

Editable Quantities

Client may have requested quote for approx 40 items/ subscriptions or months. If you want to let client change quantities by himself and see how cost changes, you can propose that fees item as Editable Quantity. This way client can see quantity can be change and will see updated taxes, discounts, total as well.

Proposals Software Features - Pricing Table - Currency

Proposal Currency

Set desired currency to your proposal and the it will reflect in your quotation. If you have international clients, you can propose and quote fees in their respective currency.

Proposals Software Features - Interactive Pricing Table

Live Changes to Quote

As a proposer you can add/delete fee items, check/uncheck optional items, change quantities. Similarly your prospective client can also change these things as per the configuration you’d set. This will also make changes to the live quotation.

Proposals Software Features - Interactive Quote - Recurring Total

Sub-Total, Recurring Total

You can separate out sub-total of recurring items, or keep it together; show/hide discount in the proposed quotation. There are configurations what should be shown and not displayed, and as a proposer you can manage it.

Proposals Software Features - Design Interactive Quote

Fees Table Design, Styling

You can design, style the fees table to make it consistent with your proposal design. Set row background, font-type, size, color, etc. You can really make your quotation stand out with creative design


Create Impressive Proposal With Easy Design & Styling

The design is what will sell first and your proposal can stand out from typical plain old Word/PDF files. You can create your own branding styling with well crafted design.You will have head start over others.

Fresh Proposals = Best of MS Word & design tools

Elegantly design your sales proposal without knowing anything about code. Arrange text, visual elements as you wish. Let us say – and it’s true: the design possibilities are unlimited. The only limitation can be your imagination .

Fresh Proposals Software Features - Design Styling Beautiful Proposals
Proposals Software Features - Design  - Paragraph Styles

Paragraph Style

Set headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, quote styling that works best with your branding. You can choose from wide range of fonts, colors, sizes. Best of all, you can preview paragraph style settings before finally applying to overall proposal document.

Proposals Software Features - Design Page Repeater

Page Repeater

Want to add company name, logo, page number, date and repeat it on every page of your proposal template? No problem. We got you covered. You get a  distinct but easy to use repeater mode to design page repeaters.

Proposals Software Features - Design - Page Settings

Page Settings

Choose from various page layout styles and personalize proposal templates for different industries. You can select from Landscape or Portrait modes, set various page sizes like A4, A3, etc..

Proposals Software Features - Design - Add Images Shapes, Videos

Add Image, Shape Videos

Make your proposals visually appealing with Images, shapes and videos. Again you have plethora of design choices with each one of the shapes, images and videos

Proposals Software Features - Design - Relative Positioning

Relative Positioning

The struggle to place text over images or videos is over. No more. You have control over how to place text, images, shapes, videos, signature, tables. Order them horizontally, vertically as well as on top of others.

Proposals Software Features - Design - Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

 Get the best of Google Web Fonts to make your proposal look amazing. . The best part is, it is fast and free

Proposals Software Features - Design - Rotate Block

Rotation, Transparency

You can rotate your textbox, shapes, images, videos, signature and place those as you feel right. You have complete control over it. Additional feature also allows you to set transparency/ opacity of these objects.

Proposals Software Features - Design - Set Color

Colors, Gradient

First impressions count and colour of your proposal heading, sub-heading, text can help you create right impression. You can decide from large set of colour, gradient combinations for your shapes, etc.

Proposals Software Features - Design - Set Corner Border

Borders, Corners

Trigger messages based on journey-specific pages. Perfect for showing campaigns who go through a specific URL path like a referral page.


Stay On Top Of Your Conversations

Sales proposal isn’t about writing proposal along; in today’s time, it’s about identifying client’s specific needs, being responsive. Fresh Proposals software facilitates interaction among internal sales-marketing-accounting and other teams. It enables your conversation with prospects/ clients after proposal is sent, staying on top of things happening with your sales proposal and more. 

Fresh Proposals Feature - Team Client Collaboration
Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Proposal Comment

Proposal Comments

Proposal team members can add their comments specific for a given proposal. These comments are internal to the team. Client’s will not see those. Even better, teams can discuss about activities too, such as client’s online visit, its interaction, etc.

Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Client Comment

Client Messages

Get instant access to your lead data at any time. Log in, download a CSV file of what’s needed, and away you go.

Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Page Specific Comments

Page Specific, Contextual Comments

Fresh Proposals makes it crystal clear for every one involved : client can add its comment specific to a  proposal page, pricing table, image or anything on proposal pages. You know exactly which part of the proposal, your prospect/ client is referring to; and reply to that specific query/comment.

Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Proposal Alerts

Proposal Alerts

Get notified whenever prospect/ client opens your proposals. You know, the chances of converting prospects are high when prospect is hot. You can act on those nearly real time notifications. Of course, you are notified by email when prospect accepts your proposals.

Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Proposal Team

Proposal Team

Allow your internal team members from – sales, pre-sales, marketing, accounting, legal teams to work together. Invite them to collaborate online and use collective wisdom

Proposals Software Features - Design - Proposal Link

Proposal Link to Specific to Client Contact

FreshProposals generate client-contact specific link when you send your proposal. It enables you to identify prospect specific interactions with your proposal.

Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Attach Documents

Proposal Files, Documents

Have statutory documents, certificates or supplementary information to be shared along with proposal? Simply upload it and client will be able to view your documents along with proposal.

Proposals Software Features - Collaboration - Proposal Activities Trail Audit

Proposal Activities - Audit Trail

Get instant access to your lead data at any time. Log in, download a CSV file of what’s needed, and away you go.


And If That Wasn’t Enough…

Need to set up sub-domain? Want download proposal PDF, send proposal emails? No problem. We got you covered for that (and more).

Proposals Software - More Features
Proposals Software - Collaboration - Email Composer

Email Composer Studio

Fresh Proposals .is also packed with email composer studio wherein you can create email templates or re-use existing email templates about sending proposal, reminding client or thanking him/her about accepting proposal. You can preview your email  in mobile/desktop mode.

Proposals Software Features - Sub-domain


You want to personalize Fresh Proposals for your company? You can set up sub-domain of your preference and from available choices, say awesomeagency.freshproposals.com

Proposals Software Features - Secure Proposal Links

Secure Proposal Link

When you send your sales  proposal to client, your client-contact receives a secure link that is specific to him/her. The data transfer is secured using SSL certificate like your online bank transaction .

Proposals Software Features - Scheduled Proposal Emails

Scheduled Proposal Sent (TBD)

Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time. Leave the laptop at home on vacation. We got you covered.

Proposals Software Features - Download Proposal PDF

Download Proposal PDF

You and your client can download the proposal PDF for future reference. You can configure whether to allow your clients to download the PDF or not, before signing & accepting the proposal. When everyone signs the proposal, you & client get email along with link to download the signed proposal PDF.

Proposals Software Features - Smart Follow up Emails

Follow up Emails

We have done blind follow ups for proposals. No more, precise automated follow up will be done when prospect has not viewed your proposal

What is Proposal Software?


Proposal software helps growth oriented organizations manage their business sales proposals. Proposal software makes it easier to create proposal document, organize marketing collaterals and sales content into content library, merging content, etc. Beside automating proposal process of collaboration, review and approval, it provides sales signals or insights based on prospect’s interaction with proposals to convert more sales deals 

Benefits of Proposal Software


Here are the top 7 benefits of using Proposal software

  • Send solid converting copy by focusing more on business proposal
  • Get actionable insights and intelligently read prospects’ mind
  • Faster turn around to prospect’s queries, questions, comments
  • Quick client onboarding by using e-signature & kick-off projects
  • Smart follow up to stop your prospects from turning cold
  • Get better, real picture across all of your sales proposals
  • Avoid embarrassment, stop sending erroneous contextual data

Industries Using Proposal Tools


Business sales proposals are used across industries and sectors. However following industries especially in SMB segment are the one most commonly use proposal software

  • Digital marketing – SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media
  • Most professional services e.g. IT & IT Enabled Services, event management, accounting, consulting, branding, marketing, etc 
  • Manufacturing, Engineering, etc
  • Essentially most industries dealing with B2B services/ products

Top Proposal Software Features


Here are the top 7 Proposal software features of Fresh Proposals

  • Online drag-drop editor
  • Online acceptance using online signature
  • Reusable content library, template library
  • Insights of how prospects viewed proposals
  • Proposal collaboration among proposal teams & clients
  • Proposal dashboard, reports
  • Automated notifications, reminders
Proposal Summary - Analytics

We Help You to Get Into The Shoes of Your Clients

Sales is all about how well you understand prospects and seize the moment when it has the most impact. Use Fresh Proposals to stay with your prospect and close the deal faster





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