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What is contract analytics software?

Contract analytics software is a type of analytical program that helps businesses identify whether the prospect ever opened, viewed, or accepted the contract.

With the contract analytics software

  • You could get the detailed analytics of your contract
  • You could know immediately that the contract has been viewed and approved
  • You could see which sections of your contract performed better
  • You could see exactly what parts of the contract your prospects looked at and the amount of time they spent

It can also help companies build more successful contract strategies.

Contract Analytics Software - Fresh Proposals

Benefits of contract analytics software

This specialized tool can give you detailed and actionable analytics back on your contract and can help you sell not only that prospect but refine your contract for future prospects as well.

Below are the three ways you can use contract analytic software to continuously improve your sales process:

Uncover what you need to succeed through contract analytics software

If you’re having a little lesser win rates than expected, then the contract analytics software can help you dig deep and identify where the problem lies. Analytics helps you see what has worked well in the past and can help you get to the root cause of the issue.

For example, was your content relevant to the prospect? Was it a busy time for your company when the sales contract was created? Was that the right sales team working on the contract?

Evaluating all these factors can help you determine the problem and fine-tune your strategy for future bids.

Assign the best team for the job using data insights

Most often what happens is that because of the overburdening, the assigned team members fail to give the proposal the attention it deserves, and that results in losing the deal. A sales proposal becomes successful only when the right team and the right contract creation software works on it.

Analyzing your data can show the track history of your team expertise, the workload of every team member so you can assemble the right team for the job. You can also identify the specific team members who may have been responsible for too many proposals and are becoming overburdened, so you reassign the contract again.

Why is contract analytics software different?

Contract Analytics Software

Contract analytics software is designed to help you track time on contract, get real-time insights on the contract life cycle, and measure contract success. It can be used anywhere in the process, from initial contract writing through contract evaluation. The software’s intelligent system provides valuable data for improving strategy and evaluating the effectiveness of your contract process.

Also, unlike other software, the contract maker software can be customized to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Ease of use: The software is user-friendly, and the system is designed to make it easy to use.

Interaction Insights: to understand how clients view the proposal, its content, pricing, electronic signature, etc

Flexibility: You can use contract analytics software to track time on proposals or to measure proposal success. It can be used on-site or from a remote location.


In conclusion, contract analytics software can be extremely beneficial for businesses. It can help organizations to identify and mitigate risk, optimize contractual performance, and improve decision-making. If your business is looking for a way to improve its contract management process, then contract analytics software is definitely worth considering.

Contract Analytics Software
Contract Analytics Software
Contract Analytics Software

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