Sales Proposal Software- a Solution to Automate The Process of Proposal Creation


Fresh Proposals – a sales proposal software, has everything you need to create a proposal, engage with customers at the most opportune time, and close deals faster.


Sales Proposal Software

What is sales proposal software?

A large part of the sales proposal creating-reviewing-sending-signing process is streamlined with the use of the software is called Sales Proposal Software.

Beside automating proposal process of collaboration, review and approval, it provides sales signals or insights based on prospect’s interaction with proposals to convert more sales deals

What are the challenges in creating impressive sales proposals?

  • Coordinating with the proposal team for any suggestions
  • Scrolling through the client data
  • Adding, removing, or clarifying industrial terminology and jargon
  • Editing the work of a technical team member or rewriting it to make it more readable and understandable
  • Making dozens of calls just to schedule another important meeting
  • Gathering reviews and feedback on the initial draft of a proposal

What does sales proposal software offer?

  • You get a set of pre-built proposal templates using which you can create a proposal in just a few minutes
  • You could invite your internal team members from the sales, pre-sales, marketing, accounting, legal teams to work together on a single copy of the sales proposal
  • You get precise intelligence to help you, track how the client is interacting with your proposal
  • You could get the contracts signed remotely by several participants and seal the deal faster


Impress Your Clients & Close Deals Faster


Sales Proposal Software - Faster Sign off with eSignature

Create Beautiful Proposals – Quick and Easy

No one should receive ugly-looking proposals. Certainly not your prospects. No more struggling with MS Word documents and designers’ requests.

Fresh Proposals gives you a powerful editor and easy-to-use controls. Choose one of our stunning pre-built proposal templates, customize it to your preference, and start converting your prospect with style.

Use Precise Intelligence to Close More Deals

We have been there and got frustrated 🙁 After emailing proposal PDF to prospects, we struggled to know simple things like ‘whether the prospect has checked our proposal or not. It is frustrating, to say the least; lack of insights prevents you from acting/responding fast and ultimately you may lose the business.

Fresh Proposal is made for smart, savvy sales pros & marketers like you, to get actionable proposal insights. Grab it & achieve the results you want.


Sales Proposal Software - Get Actionable Intelligence
Sales Proposal Software - Automated Follow up

Send, Sign & Succeed

A new way to get your sales proposals, contracts, invoices, Sign-off documents, NDAs signed. eSignature is easy and fast for prospects, clients, partners to complete the documentation. Save yourself from all those manual ordeals of printing, scanning, sending physical documents and risk of non-compliance.

Managing Your Sales Proposals Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We are creating a sales enablement platform which will do the heavy lifting and simplify, streamline sales proposal process for you.

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