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What is proposal template software?

We are currently in the age of technology. The demand for companies to be more efficient is high. One way that companies are being more efficient is by using Proposal Template Software.

This software can help companies to save time when creating proposals for customers because it pre-populates the customer’s information with ease. When this is done, it also ensures that all copies to the customer are identical, which is not an easy task when doing so manually.

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Why do you need proposal template software?

proposal template software

Proposal template software is a great tool for new and experienced professionals that want to be more efficient and professional with their presentations and proposals. The software can help organize your content and present it in a way that makes the most sense to the reader, as well as helps you identify what sections need more work or information.

A proposal template software can help those who do not know how to draft them on their own become more professional with their proposals and presentations.

  • To bring a certain level of consistency in proposals sent to the client
  • To save time and be efficient
  • To avoid typo mistakes and other kinds of editing mistakes
  • To collaborate for proposal content, snippets
  • To design proposal templates

Basic Functions of Proposal Template Software

We’ve listed the basic functions of the software below.

  1. Category-based organization
  2. Pre-populated data from the customer
  3. Easily copy and paste

1. Category-based organization

When creating a proposal, the most important thing to consider is how the proposal will be organized. The software needs to have categories that correspond with the points you want to make and how you plan to make them.

When creating a proposal, there are many points to consider and many of them are very similar, if not the same. It is important to keep the points separate and organize in a way that makes sense while still keeping them all together.

You can organize your points into categories that correspond with the customer and the points you plan to make. In this case, we have a category named “Time and Budget Overlap”. The categories are related to the customer who will be receiving the proposal, and the organizational structure in which the points will be made.

2. Pre-populated data from the customer

When making a proposal, it is important to have a clear and concise message from the customer.

Most proposal creation software has pre-populated data that you can quickly copy and paste into your proposal. This helps to give you a clear message to your customer and helps you to keep your proposal organized. The software will have a section titled “From the Customer” that you can edit and add to.

3. Easily copy and paste

To not have to edit and re-edit a proposal every time you want to copy and paste a new point, you can click “Edit” and then “Copy”. After copying the text you can paste it into the proposal where you want it to go.

Automation is the key to enhancing the effectiveness of engineering proposals. The sales proposal automation process can be difficult. 

Important features of a proposal template software

features of proposal template software

A proposal template software will usually come in different formats so the user can save the document in their preferred file type. This is useful for individuals who are trying to go paperless, or for those who work in teams that need to share files.

Along with formatting options, most templates will also include tips and examples on how to complete each section of the proposal. For example, there may be a checklist of items required in an introduction paragraph. Depending on the software, there may be different methods to complete a certain task. For example, one software will have a database that contains the customer, organizational structure, and costs. Another software will have a worksheet that allows you to complete the proposal.

Largely for efficient sales contracts/proposal process, a proposal template software should have the following features

  • Proposal templates library
  • Proposal document editor
  • Proposal sections
  • Proposal fees library
  • Document version history
  • Proposal Collaboration and access control
  • Placeholders/ variables
  • E-signature

The design process for a proposal template

features of proposal template software

Proposal templates are a great way for professionals to create proposals and presentations without having to reinvent the wheel. Well-designed and easy-to-use templates help save time and keep businesses productive. Research your proposal template software company, and be sure to ask for samples of their proposals. This will give you an idea of how the templates will be laid out.

Some proposal design software is easily customizable and requires no coding knowledge, while others have more complicated graphical user interfaces. Ask if you can provide your own images and editing tools. These will be very helpful for making your own proposal. 

There are many ways to create a proposal. One of the easiest is using business proposal software. It takes just minutes to set up and can be used to create any type of proposal for any group or organization. The entire process can be automated, so there’s no need to manually input information, keep track of due dates, or write reports.

There are different templates available, including book proposals, business proposals, even fundraising proposals.

You should be able to involve your team members who can collaborate on the content and design of the proposal template.

The process of designing a proposal using a proposal template software is typically like this

  • Research for desired proposal template especially considering two aspects
    • Content
    • Design
  • Extend access to the content team, the design team
  • Add/update content in desired sections (customize)
  • Update theme in terms of form factors like visual elements on pages which includes
    • Images
    • Hierarchy of text content using heading1, heading 2, heading 3
    • Font color to suit the brand, theme
    • Use of page repeater
  • Preview and check template on various devices like laptop, mobile, tablet


To summarize, the new proposal template software will help create better proposals in less time.

It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, it can be used on various devices and the benefits are numerous.  Therefore, it would be wise to invest in this software for your organization.


Proposal  Template Software
Proposal Template Software
Proposal Template Software

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