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March 25, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – March 2021

Proposal Templates - March 2021

Proposal Templates - March 2021


After releasing February update to Fresh Proposals software with improvement to Fees table structure, proposal listing-filtering, etc; we took up performance related issue and new features like Input field so that client can submit information, multiple internal signatory/ setting eSignee apart from proposal writer, currency display in price column of a Fees table along with locale based number format.

Here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – March 2021

New Features

Proposal Acceptance and Signing

Separate flow/ notifications for Proposal Acceptance and Signing

Based on users’ feedback we introduced ‘Accept’ as an option for clients to approve your proposal/document. To make your client ‘Accept’ the proposal document, you can simply select a client contact and NOT assign any signature to him/her. Client without eSignature assigned to him/ her will not be prompted to eSign the document.

Fresh Proposaals Software Update - March 2021 : Accept Without Signature

The client contact for whom eSignature is assigned, when s/he clicks on the accept button of your proposal, s/he will be prompted with eSignature box as shown below.

Fresh Proposaals Software Update - March 2021 : Accept With eSignature


Also, all signatories, decision makers can see who has signed and who is yet to sign.


Fresh Proposaals Software Update - March 2021 : Multiple eSignee

Based on your feedback, we realized of certain combinations of signatories (sign) and non-signatories (accept) involved. To facilitate this, we introduced new statuses to show you current status of the proposal.

Fresh Proposaals Software Update - March 2021 : Intermediate Status

New statuses

  • Partially Accepted,
  • Partially Signed
  • Accepted
  • Payment Failed (if Stripe account is connected)
  • Payment Successful (if Stripe account is connected)

It also shows if client attempted payment and if succeed or failed, you will be informed as well as shown as a proposal status.



    1. Search & add contacts from Salesflare while creating proposal
    2. Create opportunity when a proposal is sent, accepted


Now you can Integrate other applications with Fresh Proposals using Pabbly too.

Find Pabbly integration option in settings

Fresh Proposals - Pabbly Integration in Settings

Copy API Key from Fresh Proposal and use it while connecting Fresh Proposals in Pabbly interface.

Pabbly Integration Key in Fresh Proposals

Pabbly is integrator/automation platform which allows you to connect two different applications and automate your business flow. We are already supporting Zapier integration. It seems that businesses are finding-using alternative to Zapier as we received quite a few requests to integrate with Pabbly.

Once you register with Pabbly, you can find Fresh Proposals application in the list to integrate.

In the next step, you can select the trigger event for which you would like to automate the business activity

You will need to connect to your Fresh Proposals account in Pabbly. You will need API Key for your Fresh Proposals account which can be generated/ found n Settings > Integration > Pabbly. Similarly, you can connect the other application and map data from Fresh Proposals event trigger

Variables in Email Template

You can add variables in email template and check their values in email preview.


Set default email templates

You can set default email template to be used for Reminding and Thanking emails. These will be default Reminding and Thanking emails for subsequent proposal sent through software.

a. At account level

When you mark a given email template as default, it will be shown with a Blue marker as shown here

You can change and set other Reminding/Thanking email template as default as shown here

b. At proposal level

You can change the account level default in the context of proposal e.g. for account level proposal Reminding/ Thanking email is in English and for a particular proposal, you would like to set it as French. so you can change it in the proposal emailer wizard as shown below


Thanking, Reminding Templates Preview

As we noticed few users were getting confused and were sending ‘Thanking/Reminding’ email instead of ‘Initiating email’ and of course, their client couldn’t find proposal link (as they were shown download proposal PDF button and proposal PDF wasn’t generated since the proposal was not signed then).

Email templates selection sending is changed in proposal emailer. Reminding, Thanking email templates can not be modified and sent manually. They can be modified in Settings > Email Templates and will be sent automatically.

Reminding and Thanking email templates can be previewed but it can not be edited or sent manually.

Unlocking Proposal

Editing a locked proposal will give you a proper warning about what it means to unlock the proposal; depending on whether it is just viewed, accepted or signed by client. e.g. Unlocking a signed proposal will cancel signed signature

IMPROVEMENT Proposal Listing Filter

Proposal listing filter to show accepted, signed status separately

IMPROVEMENT View Landscape Proposal

Client’s viewing experience for landscape proposal is much better &easier for eyes. It has side-panels collapsed and buttons are positioned on the sidelines

IMPROVEMENT Active Fee Row in The Fees table

Fees table to highlight currently selected fee row

FIX Issues

  • Stripe payment prompted for connected account but for zero amount – Fixed
  • IP Address displayed in preview to be removed – Fixed
  • Signature Certificate in PDF file wasn’t displaying signature of internal user- Fixed
  • Uploading multiple attachment uploaded single file – Fixed
  • Login page input text becomes invisible due to browser plugin like Dashlane – Fixed
  • Border color for footer in table settings in advance tab was not displaying its saved property value – Fixed
  • PDF download issue in Firefox would save it with .txt extension – Fixed
  • Saving empty name for section – Fixed

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