How to Write a Successful Sales Pitch?

5 Ingredients To a Standout Sales Pitch

So you've hit them over with the killer headline or a subject line, you've pulled them over with a fantastic story and now you are at the point where its time to sell. But once again the chances of closing the deal shut down just because something goes wrong with your sales pitch. Relatable? Well, let me first tell you that you're not alone!!! Remember the famous pen selling scene from Wolf of Wall Street? You wonder why they struggled miserably with their sales pitches? Hear it out from the man himself,...

9 Zero Budget Marketing Ideas and Tools for Small Businesses

Zero Budget marketing ideas and tools for small businesses

Kickass Low Budget Marketing Ideas " Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and efforts."                                                -By Jeff Bullas  Many business owners work under the assumption that because they have a zero budget on marketing there is not much they can do to promote their business. Is it really true? Of course not. Marketing isn't about how much money you spend it is about how much you do. If your budget is tiny or rather zero, you need to be creative & brave. And we are lucky that we have a range of online opportunities available at low cost or no cost,...

5 Psychology Experiments You must Know as a Sales Pro or Marketer

Psychology Experiments and Things Sales Professionals Can Learn, Apply

Psychology Experiments That Changed Sales-Marketing Techniques Most of you would surely say in order to attract customers, one should have good products, good customer service, good marketing and so on. These are indeed true but have you ever thought that you can attract customers using "PSYCHOLOGY"? While there are countless Marketing psychologies, but the goal is always the same - convince, satisfy and gain trust of the customer because if you won't, someone else will. How audience decide to think, click, feel, reason, share and then finally purchase? That's where psychological tactics...

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