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May 05, 2021

How to Write an About Us Section for Business Proposal

about us section for business proposal

Tips for writing about us section for business proposal

Do you hesitate when you think of writing about yourself?

Well, you’re not alone

Writing a personal or a company profile is one of the most chaotic and uncomfortable processes while drafting a proposal

But to tell you the truth it is one of the most important sections that readers look for. And on top of that in this digital world, it’s vital for you to highlight your digital presence in order to gain their trust.

The primary goal of this section is to answer the questions about your business like who you are, which services/products you offer, and how you do it. Such detailed information provides clarity and eventually helps your prospective clients to get to know, like, and trust you.

In this article, I’ll share a few tips to create an effective about us section for business proposal template.

Make Your “About Us” Section “About Them”

Although it’s your About Us section but the story needs to be about your customer and what you do for them. Because in reality, your client isn’t interested in reading about you, what they want to hear is “how are you working for me”.

So don’t start by telling “how your grandfather formed this company and we’ve been in a business for 100 years and blah blah blah”.

Instead, you can start with a great opening line like “At XYZ we help mid to large sizes companies all around the globe grow their business with our services.”

This opening line helps you set the stage where you can write about the “why” of what you are doing.

Share Your Story to Build the Connection

Sharing a story of your business doesn’t mean getting into your personal story unless it is helping to show the reader why “what you do” is so helpful for them.

Make it interesting and easy to read. You can do that by writing down 10-15 random things about your agency this can be done with the help of your entire agency staff and then pick out the most relevant things and include them in your story.

I know it’s important to clarify how long you’ve been in the industry as evidence that you can produce fantastic results but again be sure to mention your agency history very briefly.

Remember, it’s all about them and not about you.

Include a Mission or a Vision Statement

So on top of presenting your USP, you need to address why you’re in the business? Well, of course for money but you can’t say that on the face right?

Your prospect would want to know that you’re in the business more than just for profit. So you have to tell them why are you providing particular services, and what do you hope to accomplish beyond making money.

Nike, for example, aspires to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Try to communicate your values and vision so that you can form some sort of connection with your prospect and make it easy for them to take a quick decision through your mission statement.

Here’s how you can do it,

“Over 300 clients have trusted us and they have been able to produce some positive results with our services for their business so we want as many people as possible to get the same results.”

Keep it Short and to the Point

Unline business proposals, the “About Us” pages on the website can be very descriptive because this page is for those visitors who are considering purchasing your services and they just arrive at this page to find out if they can trust you. They just look for convincing answers to their bunch of questions like,

  • Is it a big company or a small one?
  • What is the company’s history?
  • Who is the owner of the firm?
  • What makes a company special?

So, one should address all such questions by creating a lasting impression on the minds of your visitors so they don’t forget you the moment they close the tab. And since they’re in your space you can be as descriptive as possible to create a personal, likable, believable, and memorable About page.

But on the other hand, if you’re including the “About Us” section in your proposal you can not speak as much as compared to the webpage. You got to keep it short and to the point. Because you don’t want to make your proposal too long by talking about your past successes. If your prospective client wants to learn about your success stories, they can Google you. So make sure you are choosy while writing the “About Us” section in a proposal.




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