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July 13, 2020

Weekend Round up July 13 2020, Highlight: What is a Website Defacement?

weekend roundup July 13 2020

Here’s our weekend roundup of some of the interesting reads that could help you excel in your current marketing strategies.

The Only SEO Checklist You Will Need in 2020: 41 Best Practices


This article has put together the ultimate checklist that you’ll need to drive SEO success in 2020. It covers 41 best practice points and tasks that you need to know about. Here are the main categories you’ll get to see in this guide,

  • How to Use This SEO Checklist
  • SEO Basics Checklist
  • A Keyword Research Checklist
  • Technical SEO Checklist
  • On-Page SEO and Content Checklist
  • Off-Page SEO Checklist

40 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2020 (Free and Paid)


Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins to grow your website fast? It’s quite a tricky job to pick the best plugins from such an extensive collection. But don’t worry this article gives you the best WordPress plugins and tools (free and paid) that are essential in 2020.

What is a Website Defacement?


This article discusses some very important questions such as,

  • What is a website defacement
  • How do hackers deface websites?
  • What are the consequences of website defacements?
  • How to Recover a Defaced Website
  • Examples of website defacements

How To Ace Google’s Image Page Speed Recommendations With Smush


There are a few simple ways to speed up your site, without sacrificing your image quality. This comprehensive guide will show you how Smush can help you get your PageSpeed Insights to score into the green.

Voice Marketing Basics: What You Need to Know

elegant themes

As it grows in popularity and accessibility, voice marketing will become increasingly important for smaller businesses. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and learn the basic concepts behind the marketing for voice then go ahead and read this very informative article.

How to Configure Your WordPress Email Settings (The RIGHT Way)

wp forms

This article has put together an easy tutorial on how to configure your WordPress email settings to help you do it right. Here’s what you’ll get to read,

  • Set Up Your Account
  • Add the SPF Record to Your Site’s DNS
  • Set Up WP Mail SMTP
  • Sending a Test Email

What it Takes to Maintain a Modern Media Database 

muck rack

A media database should help you conduct better research with accurate profiles that provide context around a journalist’s work, social media footprint, pitching preferences, and more. But first and foremost, it should be up-to-date. 

Read on and discover what it takes to maintain a modern media database with this article.

The Best YouTube Intro Maker Video Tools

the hoth

Are you looking for an easy way to make stellar-looking intros to your Youtube videos? Then this post is for you. It has a list of the hands-down best video intro maker tools.

How to Change Your Marketing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic?


You have to make sure that you don’t make this challenging time any harder for your business, This article discusses a few things you can do to modify your marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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