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January 08, 2021

How Fresh Proposals can Help You Achieve Your Sales Goals with Proposal Analytics

Achieve Your Sales Goals with Proposal Analytics

Achieve Your Sales Goals with Proposal Analytics

How to increase revenue? is the question that appears on the action plan of every company regardless of its size and the industry it operates in. For me, the answer seems to be quite obvious- with robust sales analysis. 

Gone are those days when a charming smile and a convincing elevator pitch used to be the keys to success. Today’s age is all about data where everything is driven by the power of data and analytics. In today’s hyper-competitive sales environment, it’s more important than ever to find new ways to do business. And when you’re looking for an edge- data is here to help.

Today’s advanced analytics are giving sales teams an unparalleled leg up on the competition.

Trying to identify customer pain points? Trying to increase profitability? Trying to improve the company’s sales strategy? Data has the answer. 

Even though the data-driven organizations evaluate and optimize every part of the sales process, yet they often overlook the most critical one that provides insights that can help them achieve peak performance. 

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking about the document that lets your potential clients know your existence and help them get what they want- sales proposals. Love them or hate them but every successful deal requires an effective sales proposal. PERIOD.

The best data-driven sales teams explore every part of the sale process and by every, I meant including the proposal management.

A Sales Proposal Story- Based on True Events

This has happened with all of us, we all have been there and got frustrated. 

After emailing a proposal PDF to a prospective client, we struggled to know the simple things like “whether the prospect ever opened or viewed our proposal?”

All this time we’ve been trapped into this black hole that is only giving us the data of if we won or lost the proposal and nothing more than that. 

But now, it’s time to get off of sending the PDF proposals, it’s time to get actionable data insights, and finally, it’s time to grab and achieve the results we want.

Read more about why it’s time to get off sending the PDF proposals and start implementing an interactive sales proposal?

Harness the Power of Proposal Analytics

What if I tell you that, 

  • You could get the detailed analytics of our proposals
  • You could know immediately that the proposal has been viewed and approved
  • You could see which sections of your proposals performed better 
  • You could see exactly what parts of the proposal your prospects looked at and the amount of time they spent

Yes, you heard it right. A specialized proposal software tool can give you detailed and actionable analytics back on your proposal and can help you sell not only that prospect but refine your proposal for future prospects as well.

Below are the three ways you can use proposal analytics to continuously improve your sales process:

Manage Content

Sales proposal content must hit the mark, it must resonate with each unique prospective client. Proposal analytics dashboard can help you customize or refine your proposal content by helping you visualize what is performing well or identify outdated content.

With these content review cycles, you can make sure that your proposal content captures the most up-to-date information about your product or service.

Uncover what you need to succeed through proposal analytics

If you’re having a little lesser win rates than expected, then analytics can help you dig deep and identify where the problem lies. Analytics helps you see what has worked well in the past and can help you get to the root cause of the issue. 

For example, was your content relevant to the prospect? Was it a busy time for your company when the sales proposal was created? Was that the right sales team working on the proposal?

Evaluating all these factors can help you determine the problem and fine-tune your strategy for future bids.

Assign the best team for the job using data insights

Most often what happens is that because of the overburdening, the assigned team members fail to give the proposal the attention it deserves, and that results in losing the deal. A sales proposal becomes successful only when the right team works on it. 

Analyzing your data can show the track history of your team expertise, the workload of every team member so you can assemble the right team for the job. You can also identify the specific team members who may have been responsible for too many proposals and are becoming overburdened, so you reassign the proposals again.

How can Fresh Proposals help you get the actionable proposal analytics?

Fresh Proposals is a proposal management software made for smart sales pro and marketers like you that not only creates and manages your proposals but it also provides actionable proposal insights to close more deals. It shows data like,

  • Total time the prospect spent on the proposal
  • How many times the did prospect view your proposal?
  • Average time viewing
  • What parts of the proposal your prospect looked at the amount of time spent
  • The other proposal activities like whether the prospect opened, viewed, or signed the proposal 

proposal analytics

A dedicated page for proposal analytics
proposal activity
An in-depth data of proposal activity

One of our customer Samantha who offers SEO and Content Creation services had  this to say:

An opportunity came up for a $weet recurring monthly retainer for SEO and content creation, a challenge and reward enjoyed equally. The time came to write the proposal and I wanted to make a good impression.

Purchased FP and got to work on it the same evening, set up a custom domain and email whitelisting.  With YouTube videos, learning curve questions were answered and support replied within a few hours. Sample content in the proposal was helpful as it provided the foundation. 

Took a break to see it fresh the next morning and sent the proposal off with good vibes. Received ‘Opened’ notification late evening. Followed up promptly as promised the next couple of days. The client requested more time for research.

The week after I sent the proposal, I received another notification when the client opened the proposal once again, and shortly after, another status email came through. It’s SIGNED and another email was sent to thank the client for accepting our proposal. BOOM. I’m convinced that FP was the icing on the cake. It was the first run; no test, just tweaked email messages.

It’s a WIN!! 5 tacos. Thank you Fresh Proposal—look forward to further refinement and more templates for life.”

So would you like to go through the same experience? Sign up now


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