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January 12, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Integrations, Translations

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Integrations, Translations

Happy New Year everyone. We have Fresh Proposals Software Update – Integrations, Translations details to share.

Stripe Payment Integration

You can set up Fresh Proposals + Stripe integration and start accepting payment right through Fresh Proposals as clients signs your proposal. You can set % of amount to be collected for a given proposal.


You can find more information about this feature here.

Client-View Languages Translation

We have started receiving feedback about additional language support as well as improvement to existing languages available for client-view.

  • [NEW] Mandarin (Traditional Chinese) language interface is now available
  • Japanese language translation improved

We will continue to improve existing languages translation based on the feedback received.


Users were unable to move items from one page to another. We heard you. We have added Snippet feature. This is clipboard kind of a feature that allows you to save content block(s) that you’d like to reuse. It is mini-version of page copy or section copy. The best part is, once a content block (shape, image, fees table, text box) is added to snippet it can be used in the same proposal, or different proposal or same template or different templates; even by other team members.

Find more info about how to add to snippet, use it, manage elements in snippet here.


Manage Snippets Library

You can manage items in snippet library similar to Image/ Video Library (Content Library > Snippet)



Supporting HTML

  • Email Template



Decimal Places

You can set decimal places to show in the fees table. This option is available in Client-View tab as shown below



Active Proposal count updated if validity has expired

If you have a proposal sent to client but its validity date has passed. Now it will not be counted as active proposal and client will not be able to access the proposal.



View Active Proposals



Issues Fixed

  • Proposal Comments Replies, Resolutions were saved but not displayed immediately – Fixed
  • Options for selected row of a Fees table are not displayed in the right side panel – panel got pushed below – Fixed
  • Proposal PDF generation issue – gray boxes at the bottom for Legal & Letter size proposals PDF – Fixed
  • Cursor jumps-off as you type – (third party editor tool issue) Fixed
  • Special Chars in email name (reported by German & Japanese users) – Fixed
  • Special Chars in e-Signature, name – Fixed
  • Change of section name saved instantly clicking save tick – Improved
  • Currency in fees table – should be showing symbol e.g. for Malaysian Ringgit should display RM instead of Code+Symbol e.g MYRM – Fixed.
  • Resend email invitation to team member, change roles – Added/ Fixed
  • Fees table row – row height (temporary solution) – Added

That’s all for now, FPians. Have a good one.


Fresh Proposals Software

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