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January 13, 2021

Know When Your Proposal is Opened and Accepted with Fresh Proposals Email Notifications

Fresh Proposals Email Notifications

In the past, it was normal to have absolutely no idea about what happened after sending your sales proposal. Did the prospective client receive my proposal? Or is it lying in their spam folder? Or did they even open and check? 

No one knew…until now. Now in this digital selling environment, we are blessed with tools that immediately tell us when the prospective client opens your email, clicks on the links, or views the attachments if any. 

Email alert notifications give us the power to build and maintain buyer relationships and develop a value-creating conversation with your prospective clients in this exceedingly crowded email inbox environment.

What is email notification?

An email notification is an email sent to you to notify when any email you sent has been opened or clicked by your prospective client. This email notification comes with all the details such as the exact time and date when an email has been opened by the recipient, the recipient’s name, or the name of the proposal. 

We will talk more about that later, but let’s first discuss why email notifications are beneficial for closing your deals and do they really matter.

Does the email notifications really matter?


Imagine having a face to face conversation with someone without knowing if they actually hear what you say. Even worse, imagine following up with that same person over and over again to check what they thought about what you told them through various channels like social media or phone calls. 

This is exactly what happens with email conversations. Enter email alerts. 

Smart sales marketers never fail to monitor their proposal email metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates. You know, the chances of converting prospects are high when prospects are hot. 

As a business professional, these smart email notifications help you stay on top of hot leads and important clients. If someone has opened your proposal email multiple times in one day, it might be a good idea to take the most suitable and proactive action to move things further real fast.

What can be tracked with these email alerts/notifications?

We all know that the best time to call your sales prospect is right after they’ve read your message or when they’ve just gone through your business proposal and smart email notifications on your sales proposal is that power that pushes you one step closer to grabbing and achieving the results you want

Here’s a list of the actions on your proposal that can be tracked and notified with the right tool in hand

  • When the recipient opens your email 
  • When the recipient does not view the proposal
  • When the prospective client accepts and signs the proposal 
  • When the recipient rejects the proposal

Benefits of email notifications

Email notifications on your proposals help you save time

Email notifications on proposals allow you to track whether your proposal email was opened by the prospect or not. If the prospect hasn’t opened your very first email, he is unlikely to open the rest of the follow-up emails. 

This way email alerts help you save your time by preventing you from endless follow-up emails.

Similarly, when you receive a notification whenever prospects open and accept the proposal, you can immediately take the necessary action without wasting much time.

Email notifications on your proposal provide context

Email notifications provide valuable insights into your proposal. It gives you a little extra information on your prospect. You can use these insights to close the deal real fast. 

For example, if you can see that the prospect has opened your proposal and is reading it, you can assertively follow up or share the other valuable attachments or links related to your business proposal for their review.

Email notifications send you the information to act on 

With email notifications on your proposal, you can figure out what happens after you hit send. Along with the opened, accepted, or rejected alerts you get to see the exact time and date when the email was opened, accepted, and signed. Isn’t that cool? 

How can Fresh Proposals help you get actionable email alerts/notifications?

Fresh Proposals is a proposal management software made for smart sales pro and marketers like you that not only creates and manages your proposals but it also provides actionable email notification on your proposal to close more deals. It shows data like,

  • Has the prospect opened and checked your proposal? If not then Fresh Proposals automatically sends the reminder email to the client to review your proposal and notifies you about that

reminder email notification

  • Is the client reading your proposal right now? Goody! Fresh Proposals immediately notifies you about this great opportunity to reach out to your client.

opened email notification

  • Has the client signed your proposal? Celebration time! Fresh Proposals sends a notification email to you and a thank you email along with a copy of the signed proposal to your client.

accepted email notification

One of our customer Samantha who offers SEO and Content Creation services had this to say:

Fresh Proposals Review

An opportunity came up for a $weet recurring monthly retainer for SEO and content creation, a challenge and reward enjoyed equally. The time came to write the proposal and I wanted to make a good impression.

Purchased FP and got to work on it the same evening, set up a custom domain and email whitelisting.  With YouTube videos, learning curve questions were answered and support replied within a few hours. Sample content in the proposal was helpful as it provided the foundation. 

Took a break to see it fresh the next morning and sent the proposal off with good vibes. Received ‘Opened’ notification late evening. Followed up promptly as promised the next couple of days. The client requested more time for research.

The week after I sent the proposal, I received another notification when the client opened the proposal once again, and shortly after, another status email came through. It’s SIGNED and another email was sent to thank the client for accepting our proposal. BOOM. I’m convinced that FP was the icing on the cake. It was the first run; no test, just tweaked email messages.

It’s a WIN!! 5 tacos. Thank you Fresh Proposal—look forward to further refinement and more templates for life.”

So would you like to go through the same experience? Sign up now


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