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October 17, 2019

B2B Email Templates to Turn Visitors Into Paying Customers

Hands down email marketing is still an effective method to market your business. 87% of B2B marketers turn their visitors into paying customers via email campaigns.

b2b marketers use emails to turn visitors into paying customers[1]

That’s why in this article we will head straight towards the categories of B2B emails that will give you ideas to create your winning B2B campaign. Also remember, if you want to create an effective email marketing campaign, make sure that you are not doing common email marketing mistakes.

What Is the Difference Between B2C and B2B?

Now, before we begin, be sure that you know the difference between B2B and B2C email campaigns.

difference between b2c vs b2b


So basically, the objective of B2B is to generate interest in your products or services and B2C is about Coupons available, Last Day, Hurry, Buy Now kind of a thing.

10 Email Categories With Examples To Turn Visitors Into Paying Customers

#1. Lead Magnet

hubspot let you download the marketing growth report for free


What is it: Hubspot email offering access to the content.that is exclusive.

Why is it effective: Who doesn’t want to be successful?  And to achieve success, it’s important to seek knowledge. Marketers always try to seek the latest information and trends to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So, if you have the information that isn’t available elsewhere, make the best use of it. Create a report of it and share it via email. This way you will be able to collect prospect and lead information.

#2. Offer Free Trial

offer free trial to turn visitors into paying customers


What is it: is a website that allows testing other websites to make money online. Usertesting will exchange if someone signs up for a free trial.

Why is it effective: If someone gets an opportunity to experience your product or service for free then the chances are they will want to purchase from you more in the future. It also gives a taste of how beneficial your service could be to their lives or business.

#3. Welcome Product Trial Or Educate About Product

welcome email for product trial


What is it: is a web and a mobile application designed to help teams in coordinating, managing, and tracking their work. This is their way to welcome new users and introduce them to their service.

Why is it effective: Most often people subscribe to your email list and never get involved in your products or services. They need a little encouragement to get active with your products or services. That’s why asana uses email like this to engage new users, with a strong call to action. They are also letting you know more about their service in the same email without diverting your attention.

#4. Help / Guide Through Product Features


an email to walk through the product features


What is it: Typeform is a Barcelona-based SaaS company that specializes in online form building and online surveys. Product features emails are generally very tricky. They are not as engaging as the offer emails. That’s the reason Typeform has kept the email very short and straightforward with a call to action button ” Take the tour”.

Why is it effective: The important point to note here is that the email is visually appealing. They have used an image paired with a headline, template examples to build a form and CTA for recipients to read and learn more about the features of the product.

#5. Celebrate Achievement

It’ so much important to celebrate achievement as s/he progresses using product. In business, presenting the list of achieved goals or progress growth is the best gift for your prospects.

Spotlight your customers’ success, but while doing so, don’t just stick to the statistics streaming. You can help them by sending tips on how to use your product or service even better by observing the progress of their behavior and providing relevant suggestions.

celebrate customers' achievements


What is it: Buffer is a social media tool, that sends an email to their customers based on their progress and actions using the product. Buffer send out this email after a customers access Twitter for the first time using their platform.

Why is it effective: They’ve suggested that they will keep a track of all the tweets with the help of their analytics platform. And they have also made sure to add a nice click to action button to make it easily accessible.

#6. Reminder About Trial Expiry

Before the trial expires you should send at least one email to your customer. That way the customer is prepared before the final closing date. The motive behind it is to help them make a smooth transition into a paying customer.

trial expiry reminder is the best way to turn visitors into paying customers


What is it: iDoneThis is a team collaboration software that helps you track your own progress, understand your team is working on what and help you sync. They have shared a reminder about trial expiry to their customers with a link to upgrade it instantly.

Why is it effective: Their trial expiry reminder email does a great job by including an upgrading link as well as the social proof to get your brain to say yes.

#7. Promotion With a Sense of Urgency

basecamp promotion with a sense of urgency


What is it: Basecamp is a communication and project management software that helps the team stay on the same page. Basecamp uses tried and tested urgency tactics to make you feel like you are missing out on something if you don’t use Basecamp.

Why is it effective: “Big numbers”. Urgency works like magic with data. When you use large numbers in your email conversations, you automatically raising the importance of your product or service. Here Basecamp is cleverly using numbers to catch the attention and create an urgency.

#8. Thank Them For Purchasing

thank you emails are necessary to generate more leads


What is it:  This is an order confirmation email from about domain renewal. Thanking a client for their purchase pays off in the long run.

Why is it effective: First things first, they have used a person’s name for a greeting (personalisation done right!). Personalisation also helps to get your emails stand out in the inbox. They’ve also included a proof of transaction that gives a relief in the world of eCommerce.

#9. Review Request

review request email


What is it: This is how Quora survey’s it’s customers and gather their feedback. When approaching customers for feedbacks make sure you encourage an honest response rather than just YES/NO. This is exactly what Quora does.

Why is it effective: The main reason why this email is a winner is that it was sent by a real person and not a customer service. They also mentioned the reason for this email at the beginning itself. And don’t forget to notice the framing of questions.

#10. Offer to Upsell for Loyal Customer

offer to upsell for loyal customer


What is it: This is yet another email example from Buffer because I think they are simply best in email marketing. They’ve have shared this upsell email with their customer to make a switch to an annual plan by giving a 15% discount.

Why is it effective: What makes this email even better is that Buffer has provided a choice to back out at any point followed by a refund for any unused time.


I hope you have got an idea of how the leading B2B brands cleverly uses email marketing to drive traffic and turn those visitors into paying customers.

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