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May 11, 2020

A Critical Review of SEO Proposal Cover Letter

review of seo proposal cover letter

Review of SEO Proposal Cover Letter

A great cover letter for proposal gets the attention of the reader, engages them with interesting and relevant questions, provides enough information that increases their desire to learn more, and closes with a simple yet powerful call-to-action. And a poorly written cover letter wastes everyone’s time and makes the company look bad.

In the previous post, we discussed “7 steps for writing a cover letter for SEO proposal”. So in this article, I am going to review a sample SEO proposal cover letter and address the scope of improvements (if needed) based on those steps.

sample SEO cover letter

How good or bad this letter is? Let’s check!!!!

1. Review on the Length

If you are pretty confident that a letter exceeding the one-page limit will be accepted by the recipient then there is nothing wrong with writing a cover letter that is more than one page long.

But if it is your first attempt to approach your potential client then you should better stay on the safe side by not going beyond the one-page mark.

This cover letter is on the safe side and is not going beyond the one-page limit. So,

Page Limit

SEO proposal cover letter- page limit

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

2. Review on Addressing your Prospects

review of seo proposal cover letter addressing

While addressing your potential client in a cover letter, if you don’t bother to investigate his/her full name then don’t even expect your recipient to bother reading your cover letter. 

You should always know who you’re writing to because showing gratitude is an integral part of writing cover letters and the first chance to express that is by addressing the letter properly.

The above letter has proper addressing and plus it has been written to one specific person and not to a group of people. So,


address formally in a cover letter

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

3. Review on the Opening Paragraph

review of seo proposal cover letter opening paragraph

Why you’re writing it. This is the chance to grab your reader by the collar (not literally!!!) and get his attention. Here you need to talk about the goal of your lead referring to your previous discussion and how your company’s services will help them achieve the goal. This enough information in the first paragraph will motivate them to read further. 

The Opening Paragraph

grab the attention in opening paragraph

Scope of Improvement:

The above “opening paragraph” started perfectly by referring to the previous discussion and by thanking the prospective client for the opportunity. But there is no mention of their goal and reasons to make them believe that your services will achieve their goal. 

It’s important to highlight what he wants, what matters to him, and how you can help him in achieving those results in the opening paragraph. 

4. Review on the Middle Paragraph

review of seo proposal cover letter middle paragraph

This is where you need to highlight your potential client’s pain points, features of your potential SEO services, benefits of all the features, and the problems these benefits can help fix. Bullet points in this paragraph are highly effective in bringing your reader’s eye to the key features with their special benefits.

You need to make sure you end this paragraph by highlighting your accomplishments, stating the years of industry experience you have, and a list of testimonials from the satisfied clients.

The Middle Paragraph

benefits and features in middle paragraph

Scope of Improvement:

In the above “Middle paragraph”, the pain points of a prospective client and the endorsement of the sender’s company done perfectly. But it failed to “hook” the reader by not mentioning the key features and the benefits of their SEO services. And the bulleted list is also missing.

It’s important to tell them why your SEO strategy is the best choice for solving their core key point. 

5. Review on the Closing Paragraph

review of seo proposal cover letter closing paragraph

This is where you need to invite them to read your SEO proposal with a clear call to action. How?

By once again mentioning all the benefits your reader will get only if he tries your solution. 

The above “closing paragraph” has a clear call to action. It perfectly summarizes what you would bring to the position and suggests the next steps by suggesting a call. 

The Closing Paragraph

clear call to action in closing paragraph

Scope of Improvements: Not needed

6. Review on the Closing and the Signature

review of seo proposal cover letter signature and closing

You need to finish your letter with a formal closing like “Sincerely” or “Your truly”. A cover letter is a professional communication, so never ever use informal closings like “Cheers” in the letters. And in the signature type your name, company name, and contact details. 

This all has been done correctly in the closing and the signature.

Closing and Signature

review on closing and signature

Scope of Improvement: Not needed 

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of an SEO proposal cover letter? I’d love to hear from you.

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