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June 23, 2020

A Critical Review of SEO Proposal’s About Us Section

review of seo proposal's about us section

A Review of SEO Proposal’s About Us Section

About us section is easily overlooked, but still a very important part of your SEO proposal. It’s the only section where you get the opportunity to explain your business and make it understandable to your prospective clients. 

Think of your about us section like meeting someone for the first time- along with knowing about why you’re doing what you doing, that person would also love to hear a little bit about how you got started.  This is why a strong about us section includes everything right from basics like who you are, why you do what you do to all the softer stuff that your prospect is curious to know about.

In the previous post, I’ve discussed a few key tips for writing an “About Us” section for your SEO proposal. So in this article, I’m going to review a sample about us section of an SEO proposal and see whether it follows any of those tips and I’ll also address the possible improvements if needed.  Here’s a sample About Us Section which we are going to review,

sample about us section

1. The Opening

the opening What is wrong?

Is it answering who you are and what you do? Well, it clearly isn’t!!! This about us started by highlighting the potential client’s pain point. Why? ( There’s a whole new section specifically dedicated to discuss your customer’s pain points- “Cover letter“). 

What is needed?

A good about us section should always start by telling your potential client who you are and what you do. Your prospective client reads this section only to understand who they are buying from. So, it’s important to help them by introducing yourself. The opening should summarise what the company represents and what it does.

Your about us section should be as much about your prospect as it is about you. So while introducing yourself ensure to explain how you aim to help your prospect.

2. Engaging Storytelling

storytelling What is wrong?

Unfortunately, this sample about us section failed to explain the why of “what you do” is helpful for your potential client using engaging storytelling.

What is needed?

This particular section in your SEO proposal template should create an emotional connection with your prospect. And the only way to create it by sharing a story. People love stories, it makes your brand more human. And this story should include why you decided to offer SEO services to online businesses and why you’re passionate about it.

Make sure you keep your story relatively short because they don’t need to know every detail of your company history. Just focus on only those aspects of your company history that are most relevant to building trust and confidence.

3. Business Stats

What’s wrong?

There’s no single mention of the company’s statistics or hard facts about your business.

What is needed?

This section should include some high-level stats to prove your worth. This could be anything from the number of awards the sender’s company has won to the number of customers the company has served till now.  While mentioning the stats make sure to bullet point them or even better include them in graphics. Also, keep the sentences short and highlight the figures.

4. Mission and Core Values

mission and core values

What’s wrong?

The first two points in the above example literally explaining the features and benefits of the sender company’s SEO campaign ( this is certainly not a place to talk about features and benefits of your services) instead of focusing on the company’s mission and core values.

What’s needed?

You need to ensure that you’re highlighting the company’s mission and core values. The last point in the example above discusses these two elements but it fails to capture the attention. Bullet points or graphics are highly effective in bringing your reader’s eye to the company’s mission statement and core key values.

5. Visually Appealing

Wrong Wrong?

There are no visual elements used in the example above such as color, graphics, or text boxes. It is just an overwhelming mass of text.

What is needed?

Styling text is super important to attract and hold attention. You need to break your content with compelling subheadings. Solid subheadings keep readers engaged. Make use of colors (but not too many that would distract the reader). You need to highlight your key content strategically so that scanner can quickly put them out.  Here’s how you can do it, visually appealing That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of SEO proposal’s about us section? I’d love to hear from you. Get your ready to use SEO proposal template along with a strong about us section and a compelling cover letter.

seo proposal

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