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June 30, 2020

A Critical Review of SEO Proposal’s Team Section

review of seo proposal's team section

A Review of SEO Proposal’s Team Section

MCU introduced a bunch of superheroes to the world. Even though each one has its unique powers, interests, and sparkling personality but when it comes to fighting massive battles, these superheroes come together to achieve a great victory.

And just like that the key to a successful business is not the one person but each and every individual behind it. Which is why it’s important to introduce your in-house avengers to the potential clients. And the team section in your sales proposals gives you that chance to reveal the superpower of each of your avengers. 

In the previous article we discussed the plot for crafting the team section for your SEO proposal. So, based on that in this post I’m going to criticize a sample “Team Section” of an SEO proposal and address the mistakes and the scope of improvements(if needed).

Here’s the sample “Team Section”,

seo proposal's team section

1st Mistake: Didn’t Bother to Research

In the above example all we can see is the name and the designation of each employee and nothing more than that. 

Clearly, this sample team section didn’t bother to gather key information from all the staff members. 

So, even before you start writing their biographies, you must speak to each one of them individually. Or if that’s not possible, give them a form to fill out. This form should include elements like their previous relevant jobs, education, awards, achievements, and other relevant information.

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2nd Mistake: No Photographs

Can you imagine buying stuff from an online apparel website that displays their products without any models?

Well, of course not!!! Because people buy from people and not from the organization. 

Similarly, while trying to sell your SEO services to your prospect, you should consider revealing the face of the individuals who make up your company. Because let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10 your prospects are going to feel a lot more comfortable walking into a business where they could see a face to a name.

So, this sample team section definitely needs professional pictures of each staff member.

Mistake 3: No Key Information

This section aims to help your prospect get to know your team on a more personal level in order to win their trust and build a long term relationship. And just giving names and designations like in the above sample won’t do you any favours.

So, along with photos, names and designations consider including a short bio for each employee. These bios should highlight all the key information such as the employee’s core responsibilities (of course, in clear and jargon-free language), and especially it should relate to the type of prospect you’re approaching. 

It doesn’t have to be serious and boring, so in addition to current role and responsibilities, share a fun fact about each employee like how they like to spend their time outside of work. Including valuable personal information makes the individual more approachable to the reader.

Mistake 4: Not Showing-off Team Members Accomplishments

Sharing an individual’s success stories with the prospect shows what you’re capable of and why they should choose you over other companies. It also builds up your team members’ confidence as it makes them feel great about themselves. 

Unlike the above example, an ideal team bio of an SEO proposal always contains a brief description of industry-related accomplishments, awards, their skills or specialties, and educational credentials including any relevant certifications. 

Mistake 5: It’s Not Visually Appealing

Getting to know people is difficult and getting to know people online is even more difficult.

You want to give your prospect a reason to connect with your people. And this can be done by making the section visually appealing.

There are no visual elements used in the example above such as photos, color, graphics, or text boxes. It is just a plain text. 

Styling text is super important to attract and hold attention. Make use of colors (but not too many that would distract the reader). Highlight your key elements in the bio strategically so that the scanner can quickly put them out. 

Here’s an example of a visually appealing team section from Blue Sky Resumes,

make your teams section visually appealing

So, what do you think? What else is missing from the above review of SEO proposal’s team section? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Get your ready to use SEO proposal template along with a compelling team section

seo proposal

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