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June 18, 2020

A Critical Review of SEO Proposal’s Case Study Section

review of SEO proposal's Case study section

Review of SEO Proposal’s Case Study Section

A case study is one of the most powerful content materials in your SEO proposal. It is the perfect way to direct the prospect through the process of decision making. While reading your proposal all they care is about how your SEO offerings are going to solve their pain points. And the case study does the same by showing how a similar customer succeeded with your services.

If you’re wondering why your prospects are falling off in the decision phase ( in spite of having an excellent set of SEO services), a compelling case study may be just what you need. In the previous article, we discussed 4 important steps for creating a compelling case study section for SEO proposals. In today’s post, we’ll review a sample SEO case study and check whether it has all the elements that are necessary to create an epic case study. 

Let’s go!!!!

review of seo proposal's case study section

Well, the sample case study above seems pretty much fine which is why we are going to point out all those elements where this sample case study did well because c’mon critical review isn’t just about criticizing the negative elements. 

1. The Case Study Length

An ideal case study packs a lot of meaningful information in just a small space. The case study section of your SEO proposal template does not need to be lengthy, just enough to drive the attention in the right direction. 

Your prospects should be able to get the gist of each section in your case study just by skimming through the content. This way they’ll keep moving forward till the end without getting distracted.

I mean sure, it’s not a Harry Potter book but if you do it right it can be a real page-turner.

The sample case study above has the ideal length to keep the prospect hooked at every segment. 

length of case study

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2. The Case Study Format

Case studies often fall within a particular format. It makes your content easier to read. Many SEO agencies use the following approach for crafting their case study section for SEO proposal,

  • Background: sets the scene by giving the background information for the situation.
  • Problem/Challenge: discusses the challenge or challenges your client was facing before implementing your SEO solutions.
  • Solution: a brief overview of the SEO services you used.
  • Result: your story’s conclusion.

The case study above has not only followed the exact same formula but it has also included a client testimonial.

format of the case study

3. Real Facts in the Case Study

Any SEO case study without facts is like having a wifi router without an ISP. A modem is useless without an ISP as it wouldn’t have any service to connect to just like that it’s essential to show actual numbers in SEO case study rather than using just fancy terms like “doubled traffic” “tripled leads”.

Numbers play a very important role in your storytelling. It shows exactly where your clients began and where they ended up with your help. 

The case study above successfully included the real data that proved how your SEO services impacted your client.

included the facts

4. Compelling Graphics

Your SEO proposal’s case study section is not a whitepaper: it shouldn’t be just an overwhelming mass of text. Styling your key content is super important to attract and hold attention. You need to highlight it strategically so that the scanner can quickly put them out. 

Color frames, high contrasts, growth charts are all heroes when it comes to case studies. The more facts you have to present the more creative you should be while showcasing it so that it can be grasped in one glance. 

The case study above did manage to present the results in a creative way but if it had the graphical representation of where the client began and where they ended up with your SEO services it would have been more engaging. 

graphical elements

Here’s an example of a graphical representation of the before and after results from SEO Services NewYork.

sample graphical representation of SEO case study

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of SEO proposal’s case study section? I’d love to hear from you.

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