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June 27, 2020

How to Craft a Compelling Team Section for SEO Proposal?

team section for seo proposal

6 Well-Tested Guidelines to Create Team Section for SEO Proposal

People do business with those they can connect personally and emotionally. And “Meet the Team” section is something that helps build that connection.

Here’s how,

We all know that in this digital age how important it has become to give a little bit more information about your business to create transparency and build trust. Because these are the key components of a business relationship. And letting your prospect know about the people behind your agency’s success can help you get them to the point of knowing, liking, and trusting you at an emotional and a personal level.

Reasons why you should include “Meet the Team” section in your SEO proposal,

  • Your prospect would want to know who makes up your agency.
  • It’s a great section to flaunt your team and their talents
  • It helps make your client feel more comfortable knowing that they are working with REAL people
  • It sets you up as a legit company.

Well-tested guidelines for crafting the team section for your SEO proposal that will help prospect the prospect connect with your digital marketing agency,

1. Put a Face and Personality to Name

include photograph

High-quality photographs help promote each separate talent and helps your prospect get to know each face. 

People make a quick first impression and the photographs you choose for this particular section are important to consider. These photographs definitely do not need to be a mugshot.  Make them professional, but feel free to have fun with colors, clothing, posing, etc to showcase each unique personality.

Just make sure these photographs maintain the professional standard: well cropped, appropriately exposed, and well lit.

2. Name and Title

Each bio should feature the name and the current job title of your team member.

It should look something like this, “Millie Brown is the “SEO Expert” for Awesome Proposals Agency.”

Add one more sentence that explains what that particular person does. For example, “She is responsible for website audit, planning SEO strategies and developing effective SEO campaigns.”

Choose one or two important job responsibilities of each team member to include in their bios but make sure not more than two. Because you won’t be having room for including all the responsibilities. Because honestly your prospect will stop reading after the first two. 

3. Include the Background


This is the most influential part of your staff bios because this particular part will help you gain trust. So focus on including the awards and achievements to make the biography more interesting and to flaunt your employee’s expertise and knowledge.

For example, “Millie began her career at XYZ company where she served as a key member in an extremely competitive marketing team. She is a 4 times winner of Prestigious {award name} for outstanding SEO skills.”

Finish it by talking about education. Include degrees and names of the universities your employee attended. 

4. Give a Personal Touch

Every team member is unique and each has a distinctive personality. So make use of these elements to add different flavors to each bio. Include some personal information but don’t do it in a boring, usual way like “Millie lives in Toronto, Ontario, she loves spending time with her family.”

Instead go beyond by including some of their hobbies, or what they like to do on weekends, top 5 things in their bucket list, etc. Bios don’t have to be dull to be professional and adding personal information in the bios helps your prospect relate to the employee.

5. Style and Length

The style of your team bios should reflect the culture of your company. As an SEO agency your team bios can be more casual and creative. 

And these bios don’t need to be long. One paragraph is ideal to give enough information. Because no one wants to know the extreme details of your employees. The purpose of this section is to highlight relevant and important points about your employees.

6. Keep it Updated

This section is one of the most vital parts of your proposal. It helps you highlights your agency and connects it to your prospect. Therefore, make sure your team bios section stays relevant and up to date.

Don’t let the old photographs and details lie around in the section. If you have a new member in the squad, blend him/her with the rest of them as quickly as you can.

Final words

Your “Meet the Team” section is your brand. Don’t just use it to provide details. Use it to market yourself effectively.

Adopt these guidelines while writing your SEO proposal and take it to the next level.

Also, don’t forget to check out a critical review of SEO proposal’s team section.

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