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July 04, 2020

A Critical Review of SEO Proposal’s Scope of Services Section

review of SEO proposal's scope of services section

Review of SEO Proposal’s Scope of Services Section

Every SEO agency has the same basic challenge: You need to let your potential client know which SEO services you’re offering and why you are the right person for the job. 

That’s why it’s important to have a well-written scope of services section in your SEO proposal because if your prospects go on to this section and have a poor experience, you’re unlikely to ever hear from them again. 

In the previous article, we discussed 5 crucial elements required to write a high-converting services section. So, based on those elements in this post I am going to review a sample scope of services section of an SEO proposal and address the mistakes and the scope of improvements.

Let’s begin!!!

review of SEO proposal's scope of services section

1. Review on the Elevator Pitch

elevator pitch

The purpose of an elevator pitch is to get the attention of your potential client to your services. It explains everything in simple terms right from what you do, why you do it, how you’re unique, and how it is important to your prospect. And it should be as brief as possible.

A brief elevator pitch is necessary to give your prospect a quick idea on how you’re planning to help them solve their pain points with your services before asking them to get into the details of your process.

The above elevator pitch for SEO services is well-crafted because, 

  • The pitch is focused on the prospective client’s needs.
  • It is compelling enough to convince the client.
  • It explains what the agency will do to achieve the desired results for the client.


Elevator Pitch

elevator pitch

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

2. Review on the Features vs Benefits

features vs benefits

If you want to sell your SEO services proposal effectively then you should always sell the benefits and not the features. While going through the service section if your reader could not tell immediately what he or she will get from the services, then chances are they will move on. 

When you present your SEO service as a solution to your prospect’s needs, you need to start speaking your prospect’s language. 

Features vs Benefits

features vs benefits

Scope of Improvement

The services presented in the above sample do not follow the formula (that I explained in the previous post) to highlight the benefits.

  • This section should first describe the name of the service.
  • Then explain what exactly this service is offering.
  • And lastly how this service will help them improve the result.

It’s important to follow the above structure to showcase the benefits of each service because it’s easy to consume format. And it also makes sure that your prospect picks up all the key information.  

3. Review on the Crucial SEO Services

While writing this section you must include all the crucial SEO services in it. But you need to make sure that you’re not giving away the “secret sauce” ( that means everything) in the details. 

The purpose of this scope of services section is to distinguish yourself from the competitors by including the USP. But that doesn’t mean that you disclose everything. 

The above sample has perfectly 

  • Included all the crucial SEO services
  • Presented a rough sketch of the method for the execution
  • Filled the details only about the approach and not about the solution


Crucial SEO Services 

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

4. Review on Offering Guaranteed Results

no guaranteed results

There are certain things in life that do not come with guarantee and SEO is definitely one of them. When it comes to SEO none of us have complete control over the end results. You may have the best SEO strategies to offer but you can’t stop certain things from happening that are out of control. 

Even though you can not offer a guarantee on the results, a good SEO services section will always give an idea of how these services will help prospects improve their site’s optimization.

This statement of the work section is on the safe side and does not offer any guaranteed results. Rather the entire focus is on the plan and the recommendations to improve the site’s performance. So,

Guaranteed Results

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

5. Review on the SEO Jargon

While trying to sell your SEO services, your prospects should understand what kind of SEO services you’re offering and how they’re going to help them. In such cases, don’t make a mistake of relying too much on the industry jargon because this can cause your prospect to lose focus. And this often gives a negative impression of your business.

This sample scope of services section has used clear, concise statements while explaining each SEO services to the prospect. So,

SEO Jargon

seo jargon

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of SEO proposal’s scope of services section? I’d love to hear from you.

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