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September 08, 2020

Critical Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Investment Fees Table

review of digital marketing proposal's investment fees table

Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Investment Fees Table

Creating a successful investment table is vital for your digital marketing proposal, after all, it’s your biggest sales pitch, isn’t it?  

If your prospect arrives at this section it means they’ve already determined that your digital marketing services will satisfy their needs and now they’re interested in learning how much it will cost them. So naturally, it becomes essential for you to create a pricing table that makes your pricing plan appealing in order to convert that potential client into your customer.

In the previous article, we discussed a few effective strategies for writing an investment section for digital marketing proposals. So in today’s post, by referring to those strategies we’re going to review a sample investment section of the digital marketing proposal and address the mistakes and the scope of improvements.

Here’s a sample of the digital marketing proposal’s investment section,

sample investment fees table

Is it Capturing the Reader’s Attention with a Powerful Headline?

The best headlines serve as an irresistible invitation to read the rest of the section. That’s why every digital marketing proposal must have punchy headlines for each of its sections. 

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Catchy headlines are important for keeping the attention of your prospect throughout the digital marketing services proposal and especially at the investment section because this is the section that rises above all others in importance and determines whether your proposal will pass or fail. An ideal headline for the investment section should be short, concise, compelling, and provide a clear benefit.  

The headline in an example above is short and simple, but it doesn’t really evoke curiosity. It is the kind of headline that no one really pays attention to; they just scroll through it.

Powerful headline

no powerful headline

Scope of Improvement: Needed

The title of your investment section should describe the desired benefits and make sure that these benefits are targeted towards your prospect’s pain points. This will make them more receptive. 

Is it Responsive?

The main goal of a pricing table is to clearly communicate all the information your prospect needs to get them to make a purchase. Many digital marketing agencies have a complicated set of offerings that might overwhelm the prospect. One way to be clear with the price with these situations is by creating an interactive pricing table.

Such interactive price tables offer a variety of pricing options where your prospects can change the quantity, choose services that best fit their needs. In short, it builds a quote for your prospects based on their needs. 

The pricing table in the example above is an interactive one. With such interactive pricing table, clients can create a customized version of the digital marketing services for them.

Responsive Pricing Table

interactive pricing table

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

Is it Visually Appealing?

You want to give your prospect a reason to invest in your services. And this can be done by making the section visually appealing.

A messy and unattractive investment fee table can be a real turn off to your prospective clients. A badly structured pricing table causes confusion and ambiguity which ultimately diverts your potential clients towards your competitors. 

We understand it’s tempting to put as much information as possible in an investment section to help in making the sale. But this can go against you, so just focus on giving them the numbers and the information that they need. 

Your pricing table must communicate the necessary information clearly and precisely by highlighting key features or benefits of each digital marketing service you offer.

The interesting thing about this investment fee table is that it has used a straightforward language, it has columns for each tier, and it is perfectly exposing all the key benefits of each digital marketing service. So, yes it’s a well-designed and visually appealing investment fee table.

Visual Appeal

visually appealing

Scope of Improvement: Not Needed.


final report card

In an investment section, you should always allow your prospects to customize your digital marketing services, it’ll help you go a long way towards building a trustworthy relationship with your prospects.

So, what do you think? What else is missing from the above review of the digital marketing proposal’s investment fee table? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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