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September 02, 2020

A Critical Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Meet the Team Segment

review of digital marketing proposal's meet the team segment

A Review of Digital Marketing Proposal’s Meet the Team Segment

The identities and expertise that make up your digital marketing agency are as important as the agency’s reputation and achievements. Your potential client relies on such information to validate that you’re a match made in heaven. And this can be done very simply: with a “Meet the Team” segment in your digital marketing proposal. 

Here’s are a few benefits of this segment:

  • It shows potential clients the faces behind your agency
  • It gives an overview of the size of your agency
  • Creates a meaningful connection with your potential clients
  • Highlights your qualifications, skills, and ability of your staff

In the previous article, we discussed a few elements that are must-haves for creating a professional and engaging team section for your digital marketing proposal. So, based on those elements in this post I am going to review a sample meet the team segment of a digital marketing proposal and address the mistakes and the scope of improvement.

sample team section

Is it visually appealing?

Getting to know people is difficult and getting to know people online is even more difficult. You want to give your prospect a reason to connect with your people. And this can be done by making the section visually appealing.

The human brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text. Having a face to support your staff’s bio helps clients get a faster and better impression of you than they would get from a text. 

Professional headshots and team photos add some interest in your sales proposal and it also helps you highlight your agency’s human side. To be honest, it is actually the easiest way to,

  • Make a good first impression
  • Build a direct personal connection with you and your prospect
  • Showcase your agency’s culture

The interesting thing about this “meet the team” segment is that it makes you feel comfortable, welcoming, and friendly by showing the faces of the agency’s team members. So, yes it is definitely eye-catching.

High-quality Photographs

professional headshots

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

Are the name and the job title displayed?

Are the name and job titles important? Yes, they are extremely important.

Each bio should feature the name and the current job title of your team member. 

  • It helps your potential client understand who is who.  
  • It’s straightforward to let your potential client know whom to reach out for what.
  • It reduces confusion, promotes clarity, and showcases professionalism.

This all has been done correctly in the sample team section above.

Name and Designations

name and the job title

Scope of Improvement: Not needed

Is it detailing the job responsibilities?

Never underestimate the importance of defining roles and responsibilities for the team members in team bios. When you define key responsibilities in the job description your potential client will know how that particular team member can help them solve their CORE problem.

An ideal team section should clearly highlight the purpose of the role as well as the key responsibilities in the job description.

Clearly, this sample team section didn’t bother to include a well-written job description for all the staff members. 

Job Description

job descriptions

Scope of Improvement: 

So, along with photos, names, and designations instead of using Lorem Ipsum these bios should highlight the employee’s core responsibilities (of course, in clear and jargon-free language).

Is it showing-off the team member’s accomplishments and interesting personal information?

The ultimate goal of having a team segment in your digital marketing strategy proposal is to prove that you’re as good as you say you are. And it can be achieved by highlighting each team member’s individual talents and skills.

Sharing your team member’s success stories with the prospect shows what you’re capable of and why they should choose you over other companies

Besides their achievements and successes, each individual’s team bio includes their personal passions and interests. This makes individuals more approachable.

Team Member’s Accomplishments


Scope of Improvement:

It’s important to establish credibility and unlike the above example, an ideal team bio of digital marketing proposal always contains a brief description of industry-related accomplishments, awards, their skills or specialties, and educational credentials.

Wrap Up:

final report card

That’s it!!! What else did I miss in this critical review of digital marketing proposal’s meet the team section? I’d love to hear from you. 

Get your ready to use digital marketing proposal template along with a professional and engaging team section.

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